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Expressive Arts

What is it?

Chuck Palahniuk said everything is a self-portrait. Using art activities in therapy is just another means of expression, a way to capture what is going on for you without having to articulate it precisely into words. Through art, you can communicate with symbols and abstraction, rather than language.


There's more to art than just the finished product too--there's also the process. What is it like to put pen to paper and create? Do you worry about doing it wrong, looking silly, or failing completely? Are you angry at yourself for being bad at it, angry at me for asking you to perform in this way? The process of creating art adds another dimension to therapy, allowing you to experience your concerns in the moment, rather than just talk about them intellectually.

But I am not an artist.

You are not an artist and I am not an art teacher. The goal is not to create a masterpiece. In fact, there is no goal. This is free-association at its finest. 

Do I have to? 

No, of course not! Most of my clients attend therapy regularly without the use of any art activity whatsoever. We only venture into the art territory when my clients explicitly state that they are interested in trying it out. 
I leave it to you.


How to start?

All of my therapy services begin with a free, 30-minute consultation. To schedule a consult, you can email me at or fill out the contact form below. 

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