About Me

I am an LPC-Associate Supervised by M. Michelle Hawn, LPC-S


Hey, I'm Kaylia. I see clients out of a cozy office in South Austin.

Perhaps somewhere deep down, I always knew I would become a therapist because I find people endlessly fascinating, endearing, and worthy of love and acceptance. But, I actually went through college with the intention of becoming a professor of English literature. In the end, I realized that literature is my life passion, not my career. However, along the way Shakespeare, Kurt Vonnegut, and the romantic poets taught me a lot about the human condition.

I was born in Berkeley, California, raised mostly in Plano, Texas, and then settled into Denton for college and grad school.  I graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Texas in 2018. Although I truly loved Denton, I wanted a symbol of change after school. So, I started from scratch in Austin, hoping to build my therapy career--and my life--in a new and exciting city. 

Here are some details I thought I'd share but wasn't sure just how to fit in:

  • I like to read classic literature, analyze movies, and travel as much as I can

  • When I was 10 years old, I vowed to see every movie ever made, an accomplishment I have yet to achieve

  • I have studied MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) for years and love delving into personality stuff--I'm an INFJ :-) (Enneagram 4wing5, Pisces with Taurus moon, Ravenclaw)

  • After grad school, I went on a two month long backpacking trip through Europe, and visited 10 countries

  • I have been vegan for 7 years

  • I have been fascinated by existential ideas since I learned as a child that everyone will die one day--the ideas that intrigue me most are the concept of death, nothingness, what gives life meaning, identity exploration, and our perception of time

  • I am a bundle of opposing forces--as Walt Whitman says,
    "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself!
    I am large, I contain multitudes"

I feel completely incapable of conveying on this web page how much I love what I do, but I absolutely love what I do. I love my clients. It's a dream job, and I am honored to be your therapist.