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Group Conversations:
How to Launch Your Therapy Group
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Welcome! Would you like support from other therapists as you develop a new group offering? Join us for a 10-week consultation group where you will receive practical guidance on how to build and launch a successful group! This consultation group will be led by myself and co-facilitator Julia Stamman, LPC. 


During this 10-week experience, you will:

  • Identify an ideal group offering in alignment with your niche and strengths

  • Develop the logistics of your group
    (such as open/closed, size, curriculum, structure, duration, etc.)

  • Determine the fees and payment schedule based on your own financial goals

  • Create a marketing plan to fill your group with the desired population

  • Draft a group agreement form

  • Practice and prepare for pre-group consultations 

Basically, we'll start with a group idea and end ready to launch! All while receiving support and encouragement from other clinicians.


Day/Time: Fridays 10am-12pm Central Time

Length of Group: 10 weeks--June 16th through August 18th, 2023

Location: Weekly Zoom meeting

Eligibility: All mental health professionals in the US are eligible. 


Cost: $75 per meeting

Meeting Structure: 

  • Each week, we will start with a check in to see how you're doing and review progress on group goals.

  • Then, the co-leaders will discuss the topic of the day.

  • There will be a short, 5-10 minute break.

  • Next, we will have a breakout activity related to the topic of the day.

  • At the end, we will debrief and brainstorm together to support your ideas!


Register today for the Summer 2023 cohort!

More about the co-leaders

Kaylia and Julia have known each other since 2019. They have co-led two therapy groups, co-founded a therapist networking group, and meet regularly for book club! Their co-leading style is informed by a blend of humanistic theories- Kaylia is drawn to the Existential and Person-Centered approach while Julia's approach is informed by Gestalt theory. There is a natural balance between their relational and inquisitive personalities (INFJ and INTP)!

Julia (she/her) was born and raised in Austin, TX. Her favorite thing about groups is witnessing members begin to support one another. In her individual practice, Julia sees adults who self-identify as geeks, gamers, and misfits. Julia is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has been running D&D and expressive arts groups since 2017. She is certified by the Institute for Play Therapy as a Certified Sandtray Therapist (IPT-CST), and is a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

Kaylia (she/her) was born in Berkeley, California and grew up mostly in north Texas. Her favorite thing about group is that, just by showing up, members benefit vicariously from watching others face their own challenges, grow, and change. In her private practice, Kaylia specializes in existential concerns, such as identity exploration, navigating uncertainty, and meaning-making. Kaylia is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience leading long-term, interpersonal process groups.

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